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He was fired last week. Who would you like to replace him? Could Brady Hoke be in play here? His wife did love living here.
What was the reason for the Lawson firing?
(01-24-2019, 09:39 PM)nebraztecs Wrote: [ -> ]What was the reason for the Lawson firing?

Don't have that answer for you. Just that he was fired last week.
Has this been reported anywhere? i haven't seen it.
That was a quick exit. Is he a fall guy, or just not what Rock wanted moving forward (or both)?
Has anyone really verified this?
Big Grin
AZTECs probably will not release any information until after the NLI Day next week.  Coaches contracts usually end by that date. IF we see some of the DL recruits that have committed like  Nassir and Kapiko suddenly decide to go elsewhere then we know likely they had anticipated being coached by Coach Lawson and without knowing a replacement they decided going into a more certain situation is better. .. I hope if Lawson is leaving it is because of a better oppottunity.  Who knows it could be that Lawson has not had success in recruiting DL or had friction with Defensive Coordinator.. who know.  not a good time to create doubt...walkonfan...GO STATE!... Bomb
(01-28-2019, 09:52 PM)rick#1 Wrote: [ -> ]Has anyone really verified this?

I can verify that no one post I have read has lead me to believe any one poster has posted the verification needed to conclude any one has verified this.


He Deleted his twitter account today (?)
(01-29-2019, 12:44 PM)stephen1946 Wrote: [ -> ]He Deleted his twitter account today (?)

What do people not understand when I say he got fired last week? Do I ever make stuff up and post stuff that isn't true?
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