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6-10 Grad Transfer Yanni Wetzel Chooses Aztecs
05-04-2019, 06:36 PM,
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6-10 Grad Transfer Yanni Wetzel Chooses Aztecs
He will come in as a 1 year Senior.  This is very big for the Aztecs.

First off, we needed a Power Forward bad AND preferably a big banger.

Yanni at 6-10, 240 is both of those.

Some observations from viewing his videos.  His footwork down low on Offense is very good.  He can score with both hands down low.  He battles and bangs the board.  He can shoot the 10 footer and he can go out and hit the 3 point shoot when needed.

I'm not sure that we could have brought in any transfer that could play Power Forward any better than Yanni Wetzel.  Yes, the kid from UNLV is very good and kid Cal would have to transfer and sit out a year.

We have one more Scholarship to give, IF Dutcher decides to use it.  And don't be surprised if somebody leaves the team and a 2nd Scholarship comes available.  I have no inside news on that, but just a feeling.
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